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Design For Interoperability!

. . . this is the message of the DIG64 Specification to hardware, software and system vendors in order to take Intel-based server platforms to higher levels of performance, scalability, flexibility and reliability with each new generation of the Intel® Itanium® Processor Family, also known as "IA-64 processors".

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DIG64 Promoters

  • Hewlett-Packard Company
  • Intel Corporation
  • NEC Corporation

DIG64 Promoters and Contributors represent leading OEMs, BIOS, operating systems, application software and independent hardware vendors.

DIG64 will broaden the choice of applications available to IT managers because now, for the first time in the enterprise mission critical space, you'll have applications which are not hard coded for a particular OS in a particular vertical platform.

Rob Horton
Phoenix Technologies
Director, Product Marketing & Technology

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* Note: references to "IA-64" can be translated to the "Intel Itanium® architecture"